Vorsitzender des IZKF-Vorstandes:
Prof. Dr. med. André Reis


Förderjahr 2017

Schnell, Alexander
Pharmacodynamical evaluation of a TNF-alpha-antagonistic therapy by analyzing chemokine and cytokine patterns of peripheral regulatory B- and T-lymphocytes in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Schleier, Lena
Monocyte homing in inflammatory bowel disease
Medizinische Klinik 1

Hackenbracht, Julia
Metabolic interference with epigenetic gene regulation in an experimental model of epileptogenesis
Neuropathologisches Institut

Hekler, Daniel
Expression of cytokine receptors as markers for the early diagnosis and progression of Alzheimer's disease (CytAD)
Psychiatrische und Psychotherapeutische Klinik

Hanka, Isabella
In vivo analysis of viral effector mechanisms leading to murine cytomegalovirus-induced chronic transplant rejection using murine tracheal transplantation model
Herzchirurgische Klinik

Prochnicki, Ania
Is Sox9 involved in progression or healing of rapidly progressive glomerulonephrit
Nephropathologische Abteilung

Brandt, Amelie
Jumonji Domain Containing Protein 3 (JMJD3) as a novel epigenetic mechanism of fibroblast activation
Medizinische Klinik 3

Klingler, Anika
Expression and clinical relevance of human and murine SPARCL1
Chirurgische Klinik

Heß, Merlin
The pharmacodynamics effect of TNF α-antagonistic treatment of TNFα production in immune cell subsets, TNFα levels in serum and intestinal mucosa in pediatric patients

Steinfeldt, Jakob
Role of alterative splicing of PCNT and its effect on centrosome integrity, differentiation and proliferation of cardiomyocytes
Nephropathologische Abteilung

Kaul, Frederik
Expression and Function of TNFRSF10D in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Institut für Biochemie

Mittag, Nora
The role of alpha-Synuclein in melanocytic cells and in the development if melanoma
Institut für Biochemie


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