Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. André Reis

Research Support of the Junior Scientists Group 3:

Bayerische Forschungsstiftung
Modeling familial motor-neuron disease by the use of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs).
(Steven Havlicek)

Transcriptome analysis to delineate genes involved in synaptic dysfunction in synucleinopathies.
(Beate Winner, Francesc Perez-Branguli)

Disease modeling and target identification of motor neuron disease using induced pluripotent stem cells.
(Beate Winner)

Distinct alpha-synuclein species interfere with neuronal transport mechanisms.
(Iryna Prots)

Neuroprotective role of EFhd2 (swiprosin-1) in neuronal development and neurodegeneration.
(Martin Regensburger)

Forschungsverbund Induzierte Pluripotente Stammzellen.
TP1: Zentralprojekt ForIPS: humane Induzierte pluripotente Stammzellen
(Beate Winner, Zacharias Kohl, Jürgen Winkler)

TP11: Humanes in vitro Modell für Neuroinflammation.
(Iryna Prots, Beate Winner)

IZKF-Erlangen: Junior Research Grouo III
Modeling neurodegenerative diseases using stem cells.
(Beate Winner)

Johannes und Frieda Marohn-Stiftung
Neuronale Differenzierung von peripheren Neuronen aus humanen induzierten pluripotenten Stammzellen (hiPSC).
(Angelika Lampert, Beate Winner)

Tom-Wahlig Stiftung
Individualized human in vitro model for hereditary spastic paraplegia.
(Beate Winner, Zacharias Kohl, Jürgen Winkler) 



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