IZKF-Project D25


Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. André Reis

Interaction of EGFR- and ZEB1 in cancer

We have demonstrated that the EMT-activator and transcriptional repressor ZEB1 is crucial for tumor
progression, including metastasis and drug resistance. By Mass-Spec analysis we identified the prominent oncogenic factor EGFR as binding partner of ZEB1, which could explain the strong tumor promoting function of both factors. In this project we want to characterize the molecular background, as well as the functional and clinical relevance of the ZEB1/EGFR interaction in aggressive human cancers.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brabletz
phone: +49 9131 85-29104
fax: +49 9131 85-26341
e-mail: thomas.brabletz@fau.de
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01.05.2016 - 31.10.2018

Project Manager

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brabletz

Chair of Experimental Medicine I

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