IZKF-Project A68


Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. André Reis

Control of IgG activity by Th17 cells

Preliminary data show a central role of the IL-23/Th17 axis during the control of autoantibody activity during rheumatoid arthritis (RA). During  the proposed project, we aim to elucidate underlying molecular mechanisms and evaluate their relevance in patients suffering from RA.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Krönke
phone: +49 9131 85-33015
DECT: +49 9131 85-43012
e-mail: gerhard.kroenke@uk-erlangen.de
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Prof. Falk Nimmerjahn
phone: +49 9131 85-25050
fax: +49 9131 85-28526
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16.06.2016 - 15.12.2018

Project Manager

Dr. Gerhard Krönke

Department of Medicine 3

Prof. Dr. Falk Nimmerjahn

Division of Genetics



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