Core Units


Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. André Reis

Core Units

IZKF is currently not funding any core units. Core units of the Faculty of Medicine are Präklinisches Tierzentrum (PTZ – preclinical animal unit), 'Next Generation Sequencing', the unit 'Cell sorting with immune monitoring' which currently has a total of 3 sorters at 2 locations, and 'Small animal imaging' located at PTZ.

Next Generation Sequencing
Leader: Prof. Dr. A. Reis

Preclinical animal unit
Leader: Prof. Dr. S. von Hörsten

Cell-Sorting unit with immunomonitoring
Leader: Prof. Dr. G. Schuler, Prof. Dr. H.-M. Jäck, Prof. Dr. T. Winkler, Prof. Dr. A. Mackensen

Small animal imaging
Leader: Prof. Dr. M. Uder

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