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MD-Thesis Scholarships

This programme was initiated to arouse interest for science in motivated medical students early on in their career. Up to 18 grants are available for medical students. This scholarship is offered during their research activity of 8 continuous month. Furthermore, the doctoral students have to complete defined training module during their studies.


  • outstanding performance and commitment in studies
  • a demonstrated interest in research, normally proven by initial laboratory work
  • approval of experimental doctoral thesis by a department/institute of the Faculty of Medicine
  • letter of recommendation by the supervisor which also confirms that a laboratory workspace will be provided and guarantees that the required equipment is available
  • an on-going project either funded by IZKF or by any other LOM-listed, third party (at least twice listed) which is being led by the direct supervisor or the doctoral adivsor
  • Willingness to work full-time in the laboratory over a period of 9 months (research activity in the course of a stay abroad in a guest laboratory can be recognized half up to a period of 6 months (credit of 3 months)
  • student has to be enrolled at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

Training modules and other obligations

The following training modules are obligatory for all participants in the IZKF MD-thesisscholarship programme and can be completed during the period between the start of the scientific research project and the submission of the doctorate.

  • Supervision committee

The doctoral student is supervised by a doctoral committee, consisting of 3 supervisors (2 of them must be eligible for a doctorate), who must be named at the latest until the beginning of the experimental work and the start of the scholarship.  A supervision agreement between the doctoral candidate and the members is therefore necessary. Regular meetings of the supervision committee with the doctoral student are to be carried out at the beginning of the experimental work, after completion of the experimental works and afterwards annually until the doctorate is submitted. A protocol of the meetings of the supervision committee is necessary. In addition, a short written report of the doctoral student about the state of the research is to be attached. This report should also contain own publications and third-party funding raised in connection with the doctorate.

  •  Presentations at interregional symposia

Each participant in the IZKF MD-thesis scholarship programme has to present a presentation (poster or lecture) on a supra-regional symposium.

  •  Seminar organised by the doctoral students

A seminar organized by doctoral students is to be held at least once a month during the semester. A total of at least 6 participations in total and one own presentation of the doctoral thesis must be proved. Participation in the seminar of the IZKF Graduate School is possible.

  • Guest speaker seminars

Each participant in the IZKF MD-thesis scholarship programme must participate in at least 10 locally organized guest speaker seminars. Participation must be proven by a signature of the host or lecturer on the invitation.

  • Specialist and interdisciplinary training

Each participant in the IZKF MD-thesis scholarship programme must participate in a total of at least two training courses, each lasting at least 8 hours. These courses can be chosen from the programme of the IZKF Graduate School or another programme.

  • Internal Retreat

Each participant in the IZKF MD-thesis scholarship programme must participate in at least one retreat. Participation in the retreat of the IZKF Graduate School is possible.

  • Public Relations work

The participants in the IZKF MD-thesis scholarship programme are to be involved in the field of public relations. This is to be done by one active participation, e.g. an event for the local population or an internet contribution.

  • Publications

It is expected that the participants in the IZKF MD-thesis scholarship programme can prove at least one co-authorship in a reputable journal at the end of the doctorate.


All records must be kept and forwarded to the IZKF Administrative Office after the completion of the programme.

After a successful doctoral examination, which has to be proven by submitting the doctoral certificate, and the completion of all training modules, a certificate for the successful participation in the IZKF MD-thesis scholarship programme is issued. It is possible to issue a provisional certificate for the doctoral candidate's application phase.

Documents required for the application

Applications for IZKF scholarships must always be sent to the Junior Scientists Committee through the IZKF Administration Office no later than 14 days before the next meeting.  

  • Short summary of the application including the topic of the doctoral thesis (in English), please use the template for the proposal  
  • Curriculum vitae (in English), max. 1 page (Arial 11 pt)
  • Certificate of the Preliminary Medical Examination (Zeugnis über den ersten Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung)
  • Letter of recommendation of the supervisor and support letter of the official supervisor with habilitation (may be one letter). This letter should confirm that the work will be appropriately supervised and that the required equipment and laboratory workspace will be available. It is mandatory that the doctoral thesis is associated with an on-going grant either funded by IZKF or by any other third party project with a LOM factor of at least two. This grant should be from the direct supervisor or the doctoral advisor and this has to be stated in the letter.
  • Information about any secondary employment with working hours and salary (secondary employment which regularly exceeds 2 hours/day or 10 hours/week during the time of the scholarship and which should be carried out during the regular laboratory times is not allowed)

Selection of applicants

The Junior Scientists Committee decides whether or not a scholarship is to be granted following an interview (in English) with the applicant conducted during one of its regular meetings. You can find the Junior Scientists Committee's next dates of meetings here.

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