Junior Research Groups


Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. André Reis

Junior Research Groups

Junior research groups offer an attractive career development opportunity for outstanding young scientists with a training in medicine or natural sciences and a strong background and reputation in one of the Faculties‘ main research fields. Over a period of up to 6 years each junior research group receives funding for the group leader, one postdoctoral and one postgraduate scientist, one technical assistant and consumables. From this position several previous junior research group leaders have been appointed to a professorship or have achieved other attractive positions. The groups are independent but may be associated to individual clinics or institutes. For physicians a part time involvement in clinical activities is possible. Groups also have access to research funds allocated by the Faculty based on scientific performance criteria. Currently two junior research groups are funded and housed in the Nikolaus Fiebiger Center for Molecular Medicine with its diverse scientific environments and numerous activities.

Grant volume for Junior Research Groups


Group Leader
Postdoctoral scientist
Postgraduate scientist
Technical assistant

Consumables 50 T€ p.a.
  • Participation in the allocation of funds based on performance criteria (LOM)
  • Provision of laboratory space
  • Initial provision of investment funds
Duration6 years

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