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IZKF-Symposium 2014

IZKF regularly organises international scientific symposia which are held at the conference center at the baroque monastery of Kloster Banz in the upper Main valley. This venue offers a unique stimulating and interactive environment. An attractive programme with many speakers from Germany and abroad is developed by a programme committee. In addition, projects funded by IZKF and ELAN programme present their concepts and results in poster sessions. All interested scientists are welcome to join the symposium.

IZKF-Symposium 2016

From 16th – 17th June 2016 the International IZKF-Symposium “Translational Medicine was held at the conference centre at the baroque monastery of Kloster Banz. An accompanying poster session was organised presenting concepts and results of projects within the major research areas of the Medical Faculty. The four poster prizes were awarded to:

  • Benjamin Abendroth (Department of Medicine 1): „The role of Batf-dependent T-cells in the immuno-pathogenesis of intestinal GvHD”
  • Benjamin Ettle (Division of Molecular Neurology): “α-Synuclein impairs myelin formation: a novel pathomechanism and interventional target in Multiple System Atrophy”
  • Danyil Huraskin (Institute of Biochemistry): „Wnt/b-catenin signaling via Axin2 is required for myogenesis and active in IIa/IIx fibers together with Hippo pathway members”
  • Thomas Wohlfahrt (Department of Medicine 3): „Characterization and evaluation of a novel targets of fibrotic disease treatment”


Every two years the IZKF confers the Publication Award for Young Scientists which is endowed with 1.000 €. The Junior Scientist Committee selected a winner who was announced and honored as a part of the Translational Medicine Symposium on June 17, 2016 at Kloster Banz. The awardee was also included in the program with a short lecture.

Prize Winner:

Dr. Christine Schauer (Department of Medicine 3): Aggregated neutrophil extracellular traps limit inflammation by degrading cytokines and chemokines; Nature Medicine 2014 April, 20(5): 511-517.


Thanks to the efforts and commitment of all speakers, chairpersons, poster authors and poster commission members, the fifth international IZKF Symposium was a great success. IZKF would like to thank all those who contributed to the event.  

Here you find some impressions of the symposium.

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