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Prof. Dr. med. André Reis

IZKF Graduate School

The IZKF Graduate School provides doctoral candidates working at IZKF with a structured training programme and promotes networking among them in various different ways. Participation is mandatory for all doctoral candidates in sciences who are not involved in an alternative structured training programme run by the Faculty/University and also for doctoral candidates who receive funding as part of an IZKF MD-Thesis Scholarship. Other students may associate with the Graduate School being open for all PhD students of the Faculty of Medicine and for PhD students who are associated to the projects of the IZKF.

The IZKF Graduate School aims to promote networking among doctoral candidates, teach them basic methods and soft skills and how to organise their academic work, and offer insights into other scientific fields. The Graduate School's activities include a monthly seminar with presentations by the doctoral candidates and courses in basic methods by the IZKF sub-project co-ordinators. All Graduate School participants are introduced on the IZKF website, Graduate School representatives participate in the IZKF General Assembly and Graduate School members attend courses offered by the FAU Graduate School (statistics, communication, leadership seminars) and courses offered by IZKF itself as required.

The IZKF Graduate School is part of Life@FAU ( Graduate School of Life Sciences at FAU). That is way the training modules of Life@FAU have to be fulfilled.

Programme of the IZKF Graduate School

The programme is structured as follows:

  • Graduate School seminar (monthly)
  • soft skill courses
  • site visits
  • Graduate School representatives
  • Guest speaker seminars
  • Retreat
  • structured laboratory rotations (optional) 

Graduate School seminars

The seminars are held once a month and last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. In every session, there are presentations by four to six doctoral candidates.

The sequence of topics is:

  • presentation of the doctoral thesis projects
  • in-depth presentation of specific methods used for the project
  • interesting new methods based on specialist literature and practising the defence presentation

The Graduate School is divided into the two areas: neuroscience and immunology, and infection/oncology/renal and vascular research.

Here you find the next dates for the Graduate School seminars.

Laboratory rotations

To broaden their horizons, young physicians have the opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the Faculty of Medicine's different research areas which cover a range of disciplines. For this purpose, a basic version of the laboratory rotation system used at numerous US universities will be established. Each doctoral candidate will have two opportunities to be hosted at a laboratory belonging to another group funded by IZKF for a period of two to three days.

Site visits

The Graduate School offers site visits to internal departments and visits to non-university research institutions (Max Planck Institute, Helmholtz Centres) to gain insights into potential professional fields of work after the completion of the doctoral degree programme.

Graduate School representatives

As a structural component which promotes doctoral candidates to become actively involved in the administrative side of the programme, an organisational body is to be elected from among the Graduate School doctoral candidates. This committee will support the Graduate School in organising the activities offered.

Soft skills courses

In collaboration with the FAU Graduate School, courses run by external providers are offered for topics such as academic writing, statistical analysis of results and presentation techniques.

Mentoring Programme

IZKF established a mentoring programme for all doctoral students in IZKF projects. Each doctoral student announces two mentors from among the IZKF project leaders. In some instances it is possible to determine an external mentor.

At least one annual meeting between the supervisor, the mentors and the doctoral student is excpected. A participation in the IZKF Graduate School and the Postgraduate Workshop is mandatory.

IZKF Administrative Office

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